Friday, December 18, 2015

(IOU) The Burger King

Ah, the Burger King.  The fast-food mascot that marketing turned into the "Creepy King"  for most of the 21st Century.  A Creepy King that a perfect foil for Illuminati University. 

When the characters for my Risus-IOU game temporarily crash landed on HoL, I believe he made a quick appearance, so it should be no surprise that he hopped aboard the rescue vessel and is running around the Pent at IOU.

The King (Not to be confused by "The King."  He's on HoL as well
Mute Avatar of Flame-Broiled Goodness (7)
Washed Up NFL Star That Had "Potential" (5)
Intimidating Inquisitor with a Flair for the Dramatic (4)

Special Abilities: 
*As an avatar, the King cannot be truly killed.  Every time his body is destroyed, he reappears in another location
*As an avatar, the King can instantly produce a complete menu of delicious looking fast food from behind his back.

Between the Starbuck-ripoff coffee shop and the *insert random State here* Fried Chicken place on campus, the King is bound to make an appearance again. 

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