Monday, December 28, 2015

Mandatory Holiday Swag Post 2015

The It's a funny thing, as I reference last year's post with a similar name.  Just as much chaos as last year, just as much celebrating, just as much automatically waking up earlier each day (on a four day weekend to boot!), but in the end,  this year's festivities just seemed to work so much better.

A little bit more rest for the wicked this year, it seems.

This year, my wife was a bit more proactive with me getting her a wish list that didn't have hundreds of items on it that she and the local FLGS owner could decipher and put in an order two weeks before Christmas, only to have it show up via UPS at 3:30pm Christmas Eve.

This time, I cobbled together a quick personal Amazon wishlist of nine things that intrigued me.   She made her order through Amazon, and her selections arrived in three shipments, all within the the first week of December.

So let's start off with the oddball stuff...  My sister and brother in law thought best to go back to my thrash metal days with a brand a coffee sold by the drummer from Anthrax:

A Slayer ornament to remember the reason for the season:

...and a Cthulhu Coffe Mug.

My wife's cousin and I exchanged similar gifts.  He got me Cardcassonne and he got Tsuro.

Upon opening up my gifts from my wife, I discovered she didn't just get me four or five items from my wishlist.  She ordered the whole damn thing.

Next time I'm putting twenty on the list.

Dungeon Roll.  Maja likes to play it when we visit friends, and the lastest printing made the chits twice as big.

Cthulhu Invictus and the Cthulhu Invictus Companion. I'm a huge fan of Golden Goblin Press and jumped onto their De Horrore Cosmico Kickstarter without even owning the books.  I've now remedied that situation.

I haven't played Car Wars the Card Game since after my Senior Prom in 1992, and I decided against tacking it on my Car Wars Arenas pledge.  This too has been remedied.

Out of all the Ospreys on my main wishlist, I picked this one for some early research for a very longterm project.  I'm much more into the New Guinea side than Gallipoli, but entire book is very nice.

I've also bit the Frostgrave bug with my next gift.   A mage centric version of Mordheim, where everything could be expanded or improved upon, but you know what? Nothing necessarily needs to be changed to make the game a playable and fun experience.  

Before Frostgrave, there were the AARs of  Song of Blades and Heroes and it's offspring from Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog.  

Which leads the surprise winner of the haul, Osprey's Of Gods and Men, another whim item.   As I'm looking for a ruleset to use with the Frost Giants and Viking Mouslings from the Bones III Kickstarter.  I like the basic mechanics and the three levels troop types (Gods, Legends, and Mortals).

Since Andrea Sfiligoi wrote this and Song of Heroes, I expect some similarities in style when I get to reading that.

Finally, I got a Reaper Bones 'Telephone Box' to complement the pile of Dr Who stuff my six year old got from friends, family, and Santa.

The biggest gift I got was from my in laws:  A complete beer homebrewing set.  All the boxes are on a pallet beside my painting bench.  I guess it's a sign from God that I need to stay in the basement all winter long!

A four day weekend, a pile of food left over after two fourteen person feasts at the house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my wife loves all her gifts, three viewings of Star Wars (once with the girls), and the household animals are behaving?   Close to the best Christmas I've had since I was a kid.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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