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(Gnome Wars) Gnomish Creation Myth

Outside the Four Immortals of Gnomekind, and strange cults like Urinitas, there's very little mythology in the world of Gnome Wars.  All good mythologies come with a creation story, so from the e-mail archives, here's one interpretation of gnomish creation by our ever-overthinking Mike Lung.

Gnomish Creation Myth
      by Mike Lung

There are many different stories of how gnomes came to be.  No one knows for sure.  It is known that gnomes have existed for a very long time.  One popular myths is often told around campfires goes back to when the globe was very young.   It tells the tale of one of the Old Gods, Gnarm, who was known as a great builder and inventor.  He created many wondrous things, and he was exulted among the Old Gods for achievements.  However, although there was respect, praise, and even envy from the other gods, there was no love for Gnarm, for it was well know that the earth gods had hearts of stone with no feelings of companionship or love  But Gnarm was somehow different .

He craved something. In a most basic way he felt empty  So Gnarm in his frustration began to create many small statues in his image out of rock and clay  Gnarm gave the statues the power to move and the ability to understand and carryout tasks. But like the material they were made of, they did not live. No matter how hard he tried, he could not create life, for life was the domain of the nature gods, and not the gods of the earth.  The gods of nature and those of the earth were never on friendly terms.  At best they ignored one another, often they were openly hostile. 

One day, as Gnarm drew deeper in despair and surrounded himself with his creations, he was spied on by a curious goddess of nature called Ome.  At first Ome was repulsed by Gnarm's cold and sterile appearance, but as  she watched, she could not help feel pity for him.  Her curiosity grew as she saw his wonderful creations and the beautiful  crastmanship of his works.  Surprisingly, Ome found an unsuspected  hidden warmth in Gnarms's creations and in Gnarm himself.  Her previous disdain rapidly turned into attraction.   On the other hand, Gnarm was immediately smitten by Ome.  Her beauty and her vitality made him immediately forget their differences.  For a short blissful period, Gnarm was unbelievably happy.  He dreamed of their future together.  Yet, the gods of nature were known to be capricious and so it was with Ome.  She knew that such a relationship could not last.  The other gods would not approve, nor could she allow herself to be tied down to a creature of stone.  So she attempted to leave him.

Gnarm was devastated by her actions.  In his despair  he drew  his knife and took his own life rather than return to his former loneliness without Ome.  His immortality  flowed out in the shape of blood red rubies which poured into the ground.  Ome, immediately regretted  her own actions, fell weeping onto Gnarm's body.  Her tears mixed with the rbuties giving them an inner glow.  Knowing that the other gods would covet these rubies if they found them, Ome hid them inside Gnarm's creation.  Immediately, the creations sprang to life!  They were, thereafter called Gnomes in remembrance of the joing of the earth and nature gods.  Fearing that the offspring of her and Gnarm's love would be destroyed by the other gods out of malice and envy, she bade them to scatter and flee in all directions of the earth.  That was why gnomes can be found anywhere across the earth!

(Mike also has some notes on the Gnomish "Age of Heroes"  where gnomish legends fought against and alongside the Old Gods.  I'll let him work on that at his own pace.

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