Friday, January 1, 2016

(IOU) Floyd "Red" Kresge

Happy New Year!

To celebrate the upcoming 10th Anniversary of the Risus IOU campaign, I present a character from the first game that I uncovered on a flash drive over the holidays.  Red Kresge.

Floyd "Red" Kresge
Funnel Cake Carnie (4)
Talented Mechanical Engineer (3)
Unassuming Mechjock (2) For Mech Piloting Only, use stats of the FunnelMech for Combat
Abe Vigoda Fan (1)

Equipment: FunnelMecha (6) Transforming FunnelCake Wagon, with two Gatling Cannons and rear Heavy Duty Flaming Oil Jets. A "1" on the wild die means the propane apparatus is busted and 1 die is removed from FunnelMecha until repaired.


Travelling Carnie with a talent with propane mecha and a mean funnel cake. On IOU scholarship for General Science right now...

His family was killed during his first weekend at IOU by the infamous Snake Ganhdi. Holding back tears of grief, he used his FunnelMecha to defeat Snake, destroying the mecha in the process. Red's body was never recovered.

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