Tuesday, March 8, 2016

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #29: Life and Taxes

Our Cast, en route to the Temple of Death:
Zorin Redrock - Gnome Titan Fighter.  Veteran of the Barbarian Wars, and hero of Marakeikos due to the retaking of Frandor's Keep.
Janus Redrock - Gnome Titan Priest of Pangrus.  Cousin of  Zorin Gnome Titan of loose morals and  a hero of Marakeikos.
Gwendalyn Lorax  - Half Elf Druid.
Terval Sit - Half-Elf Mage
"Whitey"  - Albino Halfling Priest of Yondalla.   Zorin's sidekick.
Coreena Ruddledater- 9 year old halfling torchbearer.
Ramsa - Mute Halfling Fighter - Gwen's Protege.

32nd of NonDec 1134 - East of Magden, Yarbay
Towards evening, The group came upon thirteen riders, all human.   None spoke Trade Prythax, but one did speak broken gnomish.  They turned out to be tax collectors for the Yarbay king, who is NOT associated with The Master.  They ask to camp with us for the night, and we accept.

33rd of NonDec 1134 - East of Magden, Yarbay
In morning, Whitey healed one of the tax collectors, and then they realized that the Trogs were heathens.   Despite being non-believers, the collectors want to accompany the party down the river, and for no logical reason, the Trogs accept.

Towards the end of the day the group came upon a ford and very small community.  The tax collectors left to go into town and the Trogs camp outside the community.

Despite a little ruckus during the night in town, nothing more happens.

34rd of NonDec 1134 - Yarbay
The Trogs leave the area and the tax collectors in the pre-dawn hours.

More and more trees, mostly palm, appear around the countryside and it was getting hot again.

36th of NonDec 1134 - Yarbay
There was a lot of singing in the trees.  Soon they saw two dozen orkish folk with spears.  The orks formed into a defensive posture, but as the Trogs moved on there was no trouble.

However, when they later encountered six obnoxious bugbears, they were slain with impunity.

The river moved into a actual forest with a mixture of dry evergreens and exotic deciduous trees

Of into the distance, a golden obelisk could be seen. It was at least forty foot tall and in a forest clearing no more than fifty foot wide.

Some sort of light kept shooting upward from the top of the obelisk, the sky darkened.  The Trogs decide to observe as they moved and continue following the river.  The lightning started hitting the edges of the clearing as the move out of sight of it.

Next:  Episode #30:  The Temple of Death.

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