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(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #32 - The Fate of Heroes

Zorin Redrock - Gnome Titan Fighter.  Veteran of the Barbarian Wars, and hero of Marakeikos due to the retaking of Frandor's Keep.
Janus Redrock - Gnome Titan Priest of Pangrus.  Cousin of  Zorin Gnome Titan of loose morals and  a hero of Marakeikos.
Gwendalyn Lorax  - Half Elf Druid.
Terval Sit - Half-Elf Mage
"Whitey"  - Albino Halfling Priest of Yondalla.   Zorin's sidekick.
Coreena Ruddledater- 9 year old halfling torchbearer.
Ramsa - Mute Halfling Fighter - Gwen's Protégé.

9th of UnDec 1135, Barthey
Gwen heard a call for help, and a bit further down the road, they found a woman in a tower calling to them.  They tried to aid her, but four people in green robes intercepted them.  Despite the best of intentions and even a helpful Charm spell by Gwen, they attacked the Trogs.   Two of the strangers are slain and the other two flee back to the tower.

They eventually rescued the woman, a human named Teelya.  Before pleasantries could be exchanged, an armor clad cleric charged up the stairs with five more monks.  After a long fight, they were finally dispatched.

Teelya showed the Trogs the way under the keep.  She claimed that there should be all kinds of treasure down in the dungeons of the tower, but she also claimed the monks were evil devil worshippers and had been killing travellers for years.

Teelya got some space from the Trogs and ran. By the time they came across her, Teelya was fighting two spirits and was locked in mortal combat with a demon(???)  The party kill the spirits, but the demon caused fear among the Trogs.  Ramsa and Zorin were the only ones not affected by it and they gave chase.  The woman and demon got away together by stealing Terval's horse!

Ramsa and Zorin grabbed the others and gave chase.  She and the demon were heading right towards Barthey City, so the Trogs pushed the horses as much as they could to catch up.

10th of Undec, Barthey
After two days of hard riding, they are forced to rest their horses
Zorin:  "This Bitch is Toast!"

11st of UnDec, Barthey
At mid-day they found Terval's horse, barely alive.

12th of UnDec, Barthey 
We continue on her trail

13th of UnDec, Barthey City
The Trogs arrive at Barthey City.  The guards were just as useless as they had been previously.

It was decided that everyone would stay in Barthey City for a few days to heal. Ramsa and Whitey were all messed up from the fighting, then the hard riding, and Zorin was getting bad headaches.

The Fate of Heroes was one of the Kingdoms of Kalamar modules for 3.0/3.5 produced by Kenzer & Company.  As I was a Kenzer fanboy at the time, I bought most of the products that came out.   Most of the modules were marginal at best, and this one was no exception.
The damsel with distress is in cahoots with the demon thing, and in proper Burning Trogs fashion, they just let them have enough time to escape.    The good news is, this evil duo is heading east, away from Marakeikos.  The bad news is, they're heading right into Yarbay and the Hand of the Master...

Next #33 The Long Road Back Home.

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