Tuesday, March 1, 2016

(Kickstarter) Tabletop Tactical Simulations Modern Wargame Figures for 28 and 15mm

"The people behind Miniature Building Authority, Inc. and renowned sculptor Bobby Jackson are starting a new company called Table Top Tactical Simulations (T3S)."  

This arrangement has created MBA's latest Kickstarter:  Tabletop Tactical Simulations Modern Wargame Figures.

Figures on the lower pledge levels are $4 each, and bulk discounts don't start until the $140 for 40 figures US Platoon pledge.   The larger pledge levels also come with rulebooks (Skirmish Sangin) and even a good pile of MBA Middle Eastern buildings.  Shipping is calculated into the pledge level for Continental US backers, so there's another bonus. 

Most items are available as add-ons as well.   Prices for the add-ons are more than the pledge level, but still cheaper than the MSRP when they come out.  However,  the added on additional MBA buildings are at a very reasonable discount.

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