Monday, March 28, 2016

Painting Class with the Girls

We have survived Easter weekend, with many a nap, some chocolate, and strange desire to rename the holiday Thanksgiving 2:  Bunny Boogaloo. 

Not much got accomplished on the gaming front, although the automotive issues have been resolved.  You could say that we're back in a little positive "Car-ma."

Saturday night I let my wife have the night off and took the girls down to the FLGS for a painting class.   One of the local painter's TripleP ran the glass which ran from consistent painters, fledgling painters, and of course my two girls, ages 5 and 6. 

Each of us got a Bones version of Reaper's Avatar of Sokar to paint, a good supply of brushes and a vat of GW paints to try out.  A few dropped out after an hour, but the rest who stayed had a great time.  

I'm not used to fiddling around with GW paints.  I've got my last remaining pot of Citadel Copper circa 1997 that's still good and the rest are horribly overpriced.  However the Sepia and Earthtone washes worked really well, the orange was nice, and the Technical line of paints did make life a little easier (although I don't know if it was $4.99 for a tiny bottle easier.)

Millie performed admirably for the two and a half hour session. Maja was a little overwhelmed by the painting table and horde of people in for Blood Bowl and Magic games that night.  On top of that, she wanted everything white, which made her lack of concentration filling in the block painting even more pronounced. 
(l to r) Maja's, Mine, and Millie's
Given that I've seen some fine work on these figures for the most recent Reaper painting contest, and most have taken 6+ hours, I feel like everything we did was a good start.   I have the kiddos Thurs-Sat as my wife is away at a course, so we'll continue to work on these guys (and the girl's dragons) over next weekend.
Steve, the man behind TripleP, was very helpful, slightly overwhelmed, and ran the class from all angles, jumping from helping my extremely excited girls to talking about airbrushing with another fella, to painting suggestions to yet another. 
One thing I rarely do at Evolution (or any store for that matter), is buy stuff.  With the store hosting something I really wanted, I happily felt obliged to snag stuff off the shelf... and give the kids a chance.  Not surprisingly, they picked up more Bones.

Maja had requested a Super-Hero game, a la the Pulp Game, and I broke down and purchased my first ever brick of Heroclix.   Pulling a Stargirl made my day.  The girls don't know who she is, but they will soon enough. 
I mentioned to Joe, the owner, a chance to give him a list of common clix that I could buy cheap (Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Miss Martian commons, etc...) and not only did he agree to that, he gave the girls a small box of random commons to go wild with.  Those commons have trumped everything they got from the Easter Bunny, save a few little stuffed animal unicorns and pandas. 
Painting at Home:  The French/Quebecois gnomes are done for the treasure hunt game, and I'm working on some leftover wolves, dire and normal.  It's fitting then that my wife got me some Wolf King Warrior Stout for Easter.
I love me some Stout, in most shapes and forms, but this stuff is overpowering.  It doesn't mean I didn't finish it, though. 

And before I forget, everyone who paid for the class got a chance at a $50 gift certificate for TripleP's painting service.  With three entries, it's not surprising that I won!   I have two LoS fellas who are going to push his envelope, and maybe a figure or three after that.


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