Thursday, March 24, 2016

(Risus) Donald Trump: Megalomaniacal Nilbog

It's taken many months for most people, pundit and private citizen alike, to take Donald Trump seriously.   Why is he so popular when a good cross section of the country, liberal, conservative, and independent alike are abhorred by his ongoing political success?

Lets break this down using Risus: The Anything RPG and it's simple four cliché model of character creation. 


Donald J Trump
Narcissistic Windbag Entrepreneur (4)
Meglomaniacal Nilbog (see below)  (3)
Pompous Reality TV Orator (2)
Mexican Structural Engineer (1) 
Equipment:  Expensive Suit, Red Trucker Cap (Made in China), Hairpiece of Shift Blame
Just in case you don't know what a nilbog is, here you go.  Everything makes sense if he's a nilbog.

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