Friday, March 18, 2016

Russian Gnomes and the Great Jewel

It's been a week full of painting!!!.... just not the type I like to do. 

The weather's been beautiful, and my wife is scheming, which has given me just enough time to clean up the front yard, list the dozen or so projects that need to be done there, only to go back inside and paint the playroom, still full of toys.   

We're down one more team to paint for the treasure hunt scenario.  The Russian team is ready, although they prefer to go by the Communist Union of Production Nations (CU-PN).

Sergei and Anton, ready to fight... er, discover capitalist pig treasures for the Motherland.
A Maja special from Fall-In, the Windsword "Gem Insert" should have been a project for her, but as I applied layer after layer of drybrushing, I realized she might want something a little more fun.  The gem is removable!
Windsword Accessories
Also from Fall-In! last year were a pack of crates and barrels.  Pretty easy to paint, and not as fragile as other items from Windsword.
Windsword Accessories Crates and Bags
Stuff to guard and stuff to hide behind...

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