Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Mike Lung Gallery #42 - Moonbase - Cheddar.

Having just run the Space Mousling game at Cold Wars, I deemed it high time to add some of Mike Lung's sci-fi work to the gallery. While the game was cobbled together between Fall-In! and Cold Wars as a much-needed palette cleanser after years of Gnome Wars games, its origin was over three years ago in Mike's perfectly delusional mind. 

"The home planet as lost all contact with its mining operation on the nearby Swiss Cheese Moon. The last transmission contained horrible squeaks as if someone was in great pain followed by dead silence. Without this precious source of cheese, the inhabitants of the home planet will starve! A detachment of MISE (Mouse Intergalactic Security Expedition) is dispatched to investigate the cause of this disturbance."

"Upon arrival, the MISE must clear out the mines from awful greenish-gray mold monsters that are putrefying the cheese core of the planet. Basically, the mines are a series of cheese-hole mazes."

Hence previous postings about Awful Cheese Hulk.
Mike quickly added to the board game aspect and developed models for the Swiss Cheese Moon. 

"Unknown to everyone in the Mouse Republic, a super-secret, mysterious army was being quickly raised to fight the Swiss Cheese Confederation. Are they the saviors of the Mouse Republic? …or are the part of a warped plan to turn the Mouse Republic into a Galactic Empire by an awful old senator mouse known as the Emperor and his faithful right hand mouse…DARTH CHEEZER!"

More of Mike's crazed creations to come!

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