Friday, April 15, 2016

Juries and Giant Skeletons

This week was dominated by the greatest act a civilian can perform for their country.

I had Federal jury duty.

I daresay that I had fun!  Sure, it is tedious, the fact that I couldn't talk about the case with anyone, even my fellow jurors, before deliberating was maddening, and we may or may not have been yelling at each other during those deliberations, but in the end we achieved a unanimous verdict in a civil case, that, in my untrained legal eye, was a hot mess for all parties involved. 

And the mileage reimbursement for driving up there will essentially cover my traditional Mepacon expenses!
The great thing about travelling to Scranton for jury duty, rather than the Federal Courthouse two blocks from my work, is a greater variety of businesses.  My waistline was very happy that I didn't start eating at the Jewish deli until the last day of the trial. 
And when Thai food is next to the local comic book shop, I have zero complaints.  

As the parking garage for the courthouse was right around the corner, I was able to pick up some 60's Blackhawk comics, as well as some Jon Sable Freelance dirt cheap.   Nothing of the new comics interested me at all.
With an exhausting week (we deliberated until 9:30pm until we reached a verdict, add in a 30-40 minute drive home, and it wasn't exactly relaxing).  I've only managed to get one thing finished on the painting table, a giant skeleton from Windsword Accessories.

This is one of Windsword's larger (and more expensive) pieces that they offer, but $8.50 is great for a something that takes up significant space on the battlefield.

Next Up:  Ramping up for Mepacon, so I'm hoping for a little time on the workbench with the kids, a superhero game is just about ready, and I'm picking up the TMNT Heroclix main set tonight.  Fun, fun, fun!

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  1. It appears that those gnomes have uncovered a partial buried frost giant body that looks like it was killed and gnawed on by mouslings! No wonder why the Frost Giants are coming to squash the mice! ...Hmmm, or is this a just another devious Swiss gnome trick to rid the land of the mouslings so that can have more room to raise their sheep and deer?