Wednesday, May 4, 2016

(HX) Avengers of Justice #2 Turtle Training... Interrupted

Back at the Hangout of Justice, Mockingbird was getting a thorough ripping by the higher-ups. 

"If we told you once, we told you a million times, Mockingbird, we are the Avengers of Justice.  Do not refer to us as 'The Death Squad' anymore!"

A less-enthused Mockingbird skulked back to the Den of Justice, where her team partner Wasp was not winning over the other heroes with the details of foiling the Big Kahuna Burger Hesit.

"Really?  A giant talking turtle?  With a Bo Staff?  Perhaps the Big Kahuna's special recipe has hallucinogens in it!!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

Wasp took her teammate aside and it was certain:  They needed to go down into the sewers and find proof that this turtle existed.

*Several yuck-filled hours later*

The sewer tunnel opened up into a cavernous but well-lit room.  The tunnel was one of many pouring its contents into it, but the vast majority of it was covered by a steel grating.    In the center of the grating were four mannequins  dressed like ninjas, that were set up to form a large square.  Off in the distance... was the a couch covered in pizza boxes.

The pair slinked back into the darkness of their tunnel when someTHINGS broke the surface of the exposed water.  There wasn't one giant turtle, there were FOUR of them!!!  And they were ready for a fight. 

It was obvious that the mannequins were for training purposes, as a turtle wielding two ninjato sliced into one.  The familiar one with the bo staff played at the training dummy from a distance, as the other two, one with nun chucks and another with a pair of sais tussled with each other.  The hits landed hard, but neither turtle did as much as wince. 

The turtle with the Bo staff, Donatello paused from his training and peered down the tunnel.  Defensively, he took a few steps forwarded and recognized the heroes. 

"Heh-hey ladies," Donatello stuttered.  "Um... welcome to Turtle HQ.  Hey, Leonardo, we've got company."

The other turtle lowered his ninjatos and looked amusingly at the heroes, "I guess you need to upgrade the security system, Donny, if these woman can waltz right in."

Girls???    Not named April???
Pleasantries were exchanged and possibly a food order or three discussed before Michelangelo and Raphael finished their skirmish! 

"Master Splinter would be most interested in talking to these two.  I wonder where he is? "

After the echoes of the two turtle's fight finally subsided, it appeared to be replaced by the sounds of moving metal and... rats.

"What's that sound?"  Mockingbird asked.

Leonardo could only reply, "Trouble."

With the addition of heroes from our last "issue," the Turtle vs. Turtle scenario devolved into something known as... role-playing?  Maja could care less about training dummies and the Turtles wrestling with each other.  As soon as the girls were within sight, she wanted Donatello to run over and say hello, and the entire Raphael/Michelangelo brawl was my doing.    The Turtles will have extra allies for next issue "Save Splinter."

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