Sunday, May 29, 2016

Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter Add-Ons Closes on June 1st

It's amazing how many people who pledged to the Reaper Bone 3 Kickstarter still don't know they need to finalize their order in the pledge manager, or are unaware that they can still add on to their pledge up until sometime on Wednesday, June 1st.

Go on over to the Kickstarter or the Reaper Home Page, if you want a chance to grab anything and everything at the pre-production pledge levels.

For me, the extended pledge manager people is a blessing.  I only dropped a whopping $39 on stuff during the initial campaign, but in dribs and drabs I've locked in an additional $67 of product. 

Initial Order
Thank You  - $1.00
Frost Giant Warriors - $10
Mystic Circle - $15
Mouslings - $10
Mr & Mrs Bones - $2.00
Sophie - $1.00

Space Mouslings  - $10

Frost Giant Warriors - $10

Stormwing  - $10
Fire Giant King and Queen - $15

Frost Giant King and Queen - $12

More Mouslings!  - $10

Should be enough to add to the queue at the end of the year. 

Maybe I'll jump on the $100 pledge for Bone IV, but that may be dependent on how much the girls paint.


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