Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Apathy of New Releases (February 2012)

Ah, here we are, finally emerging from the winter doldrums, at least when it comes to Spring solicitations. Game Trade Magazine #144 is out and here are the items pending release for March 2012 or later.

Want list: The French say le sigh, the Germans, das sigh, the Japanese say something I can't type. To me, it's just sigh. There is nothing this month that I need to put on my list.

The Money's No Option List

Fortress Freakin' America, baby! Yeah, it's ridiculously expensive ($79.99) , but back in the day it was even more ridiculously expensive for someone with paper route and lawn mowing money.

And if I saw it on the shelf and had a twenty burning a hole in my pocket, Osprey's The Browning Automatic Rifle would be mine.

It's not in this issue GTM, and it sounds like it should be going through distribution channels soon, but WotC's reprinting of the 1st Edition Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster manual is too good not to list here. Plus every other gamer in the blogosphere has posted about it already (I checked). Different cover art (boo!), but some portion of the proceeds will be donated to erect a statue of Gary Gygax in Lake Geneva. If that doesn't say road trip for future generations, I don't know what does!

Store list: The imaginary store now will have a name. The Pegleg Gnome. Months from now, someone will look at a future Apathy and then google the term for a store. Ah, to sow the seeds of confusion!

The Army Painter is now going through Alliance for an additional distribution channel. Their 18ml bottles are still smaller than the Ral Partha 3/4 oz (21-22ml) bottles of yore, but the price is okay when adjusted for inflation. A couple things I'm interested at: flesh inks and I'm hoping their Greenskin is a nice orc green.

Battlefront: Just a few support weapons and a lot of terrain (barbed wire, trenches, etc) for Flames of War. At $40 a box, I just want to know how much is in each box to determine if it would be a good deal for the customer, and more importantly, a good deal for the store.

Ares: Wings of Glory for World War II

Dream Pod 9: I still comment on Heavy Gear simply because the continued solicitation of vast amounts of product astounds and terrifies me at the same time. I haven't pulled up old issues of GTM yet, but I have a sneaking suspiscion that a number of the items in this months deluge are resolicits, meaning the first wave didn't go over well in the pre-order front, or they couldn't get the items out in time. The Pegleg Gnome would rather support a line that has some customer awareness both old and new school, like Battletech, rather than it's glitzy cousin.

Fantasy Flight Games:
*Arkham Horror Dice Sets $9.95 each.
*Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Alliance Expansion $24.95

Gale Force 9 D&D Invisibility Tokens $12.99 each for sets of 9. And they will sell. P.T. Barnum obviously sold D&D accessories. Litko also has a pile of game tokens being solicited as well, as I believe they make more money off of 4e gamers than wargamers. If 5e emerging from the shadows is still mini-centric, we're in for a world full of tokens.

Yu-Gi-Oh - Another new set. If it sells with a minimum of headaches, why not?

Mongoose: Between A Call to Arms Starfleet and Armadillo Design Bureau releasing a pile of new Star Fleet Battles material, somebody SOMEWHERE is playing it. Here in Pennsylvania I haven't seen anything since '89, although when I worked at Dreamscape Comics in the mid-90's, one dude bought every new SFB item that came out. Never sold another copy, so a handful of restocks sat.

Margaret Weiss: Marvel RPG Ciivil War Fifty States Initiative: If their sales are half as good as their release schedule is ambitious, this version of the game might be around awhile.

from Open Design: Midgaard Bestiary and The Whispering Homunculus
Paizo: Advanced Race Guide, Skulls and Shackles part 3, Giants Revisted, City of the Fallen Sky, Blood of Fiends

Pinnacle: Beast and Barbarians and the Horror Companion, each for Savage Worlds

Reaper: some nice zombies and miscellaneous characters, and is that a singular WWI Dough boy I see solicited? Intriguing.

SJG: The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin 2: Beating a Dead Horse, Munchkin The Guild, and Zombie Dice 2

I remember these being mentioned during Gamma World's release. A deck of cards built from booster packs that can affect gameplay? It makes scratch off lotery tickets look like a solid investment deal. Yet, as a store, I would probably sell of case of them. It's so crazy, it'll probably work.
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HALLS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN BOXED SET: An Undermountain boxed set? 20 years after the original? For map heavy 4th edition? And it's only $30.00? Something is either wrong with that price, or this will be a bigger rip off than the cards.

Wizkids: A good pile of Marvel Hero Clix: Galactic Guardians, Colossal X-Men 2, and the annihilators pack.

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