Friday, January 20, 2012

Adios Facebook Games!

As someone who's one Facebook with more people than my immediate family and my 7th grade gym teacher as friends, I get a ton of requests for whatever up-and-coming popular Facebook game is out there. The majority of them I quickly press "ignore app", but I openly admit to playing some games, some of those fervently.

I've done Pirates, i've been over level 500 in Mafia Wars, I even looked at Farm/Frontier/Balloon/GangstaPimp-ville before laughing at it and doing something else. Don't get me wrong, these games are a lot of fun, and can take up a ton of your time, but at the time they've been my salvation for someone who hates a lot of what's on TV, has two young children who required tremendous amounts of snuggling, and access to a laptop.

With the latest security patch for xp, most of my games went dead. Zombie Lane won't load. Gnome Town (of course) is just a blank screenl. Even stuff that I've lost interest in months ago and just stay on to help out my friends who still play? Won't fully load. So I figured it would be a good time to just cut the ties clean and focus on other things, like painting.

Adios, Zombie Lane: I fell in love with the premise, it's application, and the fact that most tasks just involve time, rather than needing 500 friends. A dozen active/inactives work great.

Sayonara, Gnome Town: I should have run away when "Disney" appeared on the screen, but it was amusing. Way too many tasks involve large groups of friends or you spending real money to buy game cash to complete things.

Indiana Jones, Castleville, and other stuff I've answered once or twice: To my friends, you shouldn't be surprised when I don't respond to your requests.

Now I do have special places in my gaming heart for MyTown and FarmTown, the unloved cousins of similar games. For starters, most of the game can be played solo, they weren't time intensive, and I was able to customize my game without a huge cash outlay. My MyTown is a replica of town of Wellsboro, PA... with a few personal modifications. Farm Town is actually my uncle's Vermont farmhouse, complete with outbuildings and lazy stream.

Anything else, don't send me anymore crap. I need to get some painting done.

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