Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gnome Wars Want List

I was asked earlier I, the world famous and ridiculously sexy ViscountEric, would want for Gnome Wars new releases. This is a tough one, since I am won who subscribes to the "I'll-take-what-I-can-get" school of gaming and will work with what's available. I'll start with practicality and go to a super-duper wish list.

A gnomeling superpack - the heck with four, I would just like a pack of 20 random gnomelings with a slight discount so I have them at the ready. With talk of civil wars and subversion, the more small, easily forgotten explosive devices, the better

German Flamethrower

Flame Thrower and Cheese Thrower templates

Aussie Foot, maybe a slightly different look for the Kiwis too.

More British nautical figs (marines, sailors, etc) - This leans more to my version of the Gnome World where the British are a mercantile giant, rather than a colonial empire.

Russian Officer fig: The regular infantry would be nice too, but a distinct Russian leader for the sentries would be enough. Worst case, we'll use the German NCO fig

Canadians.... lumberjacks in tooks, hockey players, Canadian Mounties on moose/caribou (yeah, those might get a bit pricey)

Banana Republics.... straw hats, striped pants, grenadiers throw boomarang bananas. That way I could use them as Spanish irregulars, instead of plotting a big German-American War "what-if".


Gingerbread Men Army... more Mike Lung love.

Polynesian natives/cannibals.... more Mike Lung projects that I haven't posted yet.

And since I'm probably picking up a team at Cold War.... a Gnome Hockey team for Fantasy Hockey.

Sorry no love for the French expansion (they're UN "observers" in my world, and just about as useless)


  1. Thanks Eric for your thoughts. Aussie foot and more Brits would be good.

    Now that I've received the Gnome War rules I took a quick look through yesterday and took some notes to ask on the Yahoo group. Now I'm taking a more in-depth read of the rules and army lists to see how they stack up. After all they are just Gnomes- right?

    Do you have an issue with the French? BA Humbug!

    By the way ask Nic for Ben Fur (I"m sure you can figure that out. And its a lovely piece especially the horses) and there is now a firing Toy Soldier.



  2. Helen,

    Do remember that outside the Swiss/German base, the other nationalities are supposed to be unbalanced. Most get great game unbalancing abilities, but they do suffer some penalties (no medics, limited support weapons). I'll be awaiting any clarifications so I can collect them into the GW Errata.

  3. Thanks Eric, good to know. By the time Jim sorts out Version 2.0 there will be a need for version 3.0. Mind you I don't mind if I need to purchase another copy just for the purpose of clarification. It would be lovely to see a British list.

    I noticed some of the new topics aren't showing up. For example; "The Apathy of New Releases." I guess you may have deleted the subject. Pity I would have liked what you may have highlighted in this time of apathy.

    Stay frosty.



  4. On the Gnome Wars board, you are asking the tough "in action" questions that we tend to handwave at most cons. If it looks to make sense and adds to game play, it will work. Cavalry jumping over obstacles to charge we've always allowed, and that usually is suicidal for the Cav unit.

    I am doing a full British write-up for my unofficial Cyclopedia of the Gnome World. Probably not the angle you would like, but it does allow for more Aussie vs. Irish vs Highlander vs Sikhs vs British Marine action.

    New topics are coming up, they just aren't finished yet...

  5. Thanks Eric, that sounds great.

    I'm sorry that I appear to ask these questions, but being new to the genre and having the author on tap so to speak it makes it easier to ask the tough questions. I'm sure if Jim had more time he would expand on the rules and army lists. I'm thinking of an Aussie List made up of our finest over the course of our short history. Wether it draws attention is another thing. Peter Lalor our hero at the Eureka Stockade, Aussie Lighthorse on kangas and on foot, Bush-rangers, Explorers, Colonial Police, Ned Kelly as a special, naval contingent with machine gun. There is loads of history contained in all these units.

    I was at Michael's house this morning. He has confirmed Nic has the masters for Ben Fur and the Toy soldier firing also the light dragoon command for the Teddy bears. I'm currently painting a number of Teddy Bear Picnic miniatures for Michael. We did talked about having a Civil war with Gnoman and his Roman Teddy Bears this year. I'll be showing him the rules soonest.

    Expect another Teddy Bear period to come out this year. I'm actually very excited about this.