Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Gaming with Daddy's Special Case

We had another go round with the girls and my D&D minis. Maja seems excited about it and little Amelia is a bit too squirmy to control, although she would like to eat the little people more than look at them at her age. Best of all it keeps them in one spot as my wife can take a shower in peace before everyone goes to bed.

Last week, we had "The Bad Guys" chasing wolves to put them into cages, only for the wolves to be saved by a friendly group of kobolds.

This week, play started with Maja declaring that the head bad guy got caught, put in the corner, and said he was sorry for chasing the wolves last time. He was relegated back in the minis case for the night.

Maja discovered new figures, most importantly an old metal Mage Knight figure I snagged up cheap years ago.

She was a bit perplexed when she picked it up. When I asked her who this guy was, she pondered it a good long while, and her eyes lit up when she said, "The Wicked Witch!" As more figs came out, she had the Wicked Witch and a few goblin henchmen chasing Snow White (a female thief). Maja is a harsh GM, as she did not appreciate me trying to accumulate seven dwarves to save her. It would have been the first good use of a 15 year old box of Warhammer plastic dwarves, but no dice.

One of the horses ran in to save Snow White and they rode off together.

I think she's watched just enough Tangled for a 2 1/2 year old to handle.

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