Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lessons from Maja #8-10

Over the weekend, I broke out the mini case for my 2-year old Maja to play with. It's been awhile since we did "The Box", and I figured with the storage spots for each fig I could control the chaos.

She started by identifying the minis she knew, then asking Daddy (me), "Who's this", over and over again. I threw a curveball back at her when I asked her what each guy did, or if he was a good guy or a bad guy. She responded tremendously and soon the sides were drawn in an epic struggle on the bed:

Yeah, the camera phone was bad, and the lighting shoddy, but here's the play by play.

Lesson from Maja #8: The big bad guy (far left) and his skeleton henchman want to chase the wolves into cages. No explanation what they would do with said wolves if they got into the cages. A few other mean and nasty looking figs were added to help them.

Lesson from Maja #9: Kobolds are friends to wolves everywhere. Just when things seemed lost, Maja pulled out some Reaper kobolds, who surrounded the wolves to protect them from the bad guys. The bad guys were quickly put away. Somewhere in Ireland, one of my former players is shedding a tear in pride, since his old PC is the patron saint of lawful good kobolds everywhere.

Lesson from Maja #10: If a kobold pushes over a wolf, the kobold goes to the corner. This discipline thing might be working. Maja declared one of the kobolds was naughty. When I asked why, she simply stated, "He was naughty, he pushed over the wolf, He goes in the corner," and proceeded to put the mini on the far corner of the bed, which in adult terms must be kobold exile.

I'm probably insulting people who don't read my blog, but I've played in convention games with GMs that couldn't tell a story as well as my daughter, and that was pretty stock adventuring stuff. After we paint her bedroom this weekend, I might break out "the Box" and have some more fun, and maybe a little warm-up painting.

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