Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Goblins are Coming! Or, if You Want a Little Kraut

According to TMP, Black Hat Miniatures in the UK announced the purchase of a range of WWI goblins, available for immediate sale.  There are a number of figures, and many are available wearing either Stahlhelm or Picklehaube.
Flamethrower Team
Field Gun with Crew
Officer in Stahlhelm

I love the figures. They are 20mm at the eyes, and each one averages out to £2.00 per figure.

But wait, ViscountEric!  Aren't Germans already represented?  Why, of course they are. While the 2nd edition of Gnome Wars no longer vilifies the Germans, they have had a long-standing relationship with the Witch and Vampire, so why not a few dark and devious goblinoid allies?  These could be written up stat-wise one of two ways.

  1. German supplemental troops. Troops would cost less.  Goblins would be less effective at firing, or require a target for mass firing only. They would also have decreased morale.  They  might also require to remain in a massed open formation for movement (no more than 1/2" apart.)  Goblins are too erratic for closed formation, but anything further apart and they suffer from the "Ooooh, SQUIRREL!" effect.
  2. Eastern European troops.  Traditional firing, decreased morale with slightly less restrictive formation penalties.
If anyone wants me to post some UNOFFICIAL stats, please let know, and which option.

Otherwise, check out Black Hat for more info.

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