Thursday, August 23, 2012

Impact Miniatures Gnomes!

I had mentioned earlier that a company called Impact Miniatures had released a game called Elfball, complete with numerous fantasy teams compatible with another popular fantasty football game. They're gnomes so I feel compelled to relay the info and give my opinion on them.

First off, if you want to field garden gnomes in Blood Bowl, your wildest wishes have come true.

For the rest of you looking for alternative gnomes, you'll be sorely disappointed.

First off, the individual gnomes are tiny! (11mm at the eye for most). That would be roughly the same size as the clockwork gnomelings. Gnome Wars Swiss are 25mm at the eye

Gnome Head Coach
Unless you're fielding a team of gnomeling rugby hooligans, I can'ts imagine the Gnome War appeal.

With such small stature, the gnomes rely on contraptions to play Blood Elfball. The Contraptions are wargaming worthy. If we can have live gnomelings in little tanks, this is far more awesome.

The models are 40-45mm and the drivers are interchangeable. Throw some weapons on them, and we have some trouble on the battlefield.

The Bad News: As if the size wasn't a deterrent, the price is. Individual figs (11-12mm) are $4.00! The Contraptions are $19+! Teams are $65+ The only positive is that Impact charges $4.50 flat for US orders , and that goes to free if the order exceeds $150.00

The other thing of note is that the sculptors of many of the figs on the website are paid in a commission only style. They were not paid up front for the models, so I assume they get the equivilant of a royalty check every month for their sales. Let's hope a good chuck of the obscene prices goes to the sculptor.
So, despite being gnomes, ViscountEric can not endorse the Gnome Elfball team from Impact. Somebody prove me wrong.

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  1. These little team gnomes are really painted well!