Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RIP: Nick Yutko

There's great sadness in the Gnomie World as I have to report the passing of Nick Yutko, owner of Dreamscape Comics in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Details are still sketchy, but it looks like it resulted from serious complications from flu-like symptoms.

Nick was a good guy. He gave me a job. In some of my responsibilities he gave me the closest thing to free reign he could as a boss. While we had our disagreements, (a) I knew it was his store and (b) when I was running Griffon Games I had moments of "Ah, that's why he did things like that!"

Nick introduced me to the Squirrel Nut Zippers. He tortured us in the store with Al Stewart and a bit more WGPA than a normal man needs to listen to. He was a die hard skeptic, and I only remember one time when he significantly cut his hair (it was like the infamous Bill shaved his beard). He will be missed.

And before anyone else brings up the point, I will not discuss the fate of the shop here, especially this week...

Nick, center, flanked by his captains of industry , Jason and Mr. Bill.


  1. I gave it a 'lame' because its sad to hear someone I knew passed away. I never had any problems with Nick in my dealings with him at Dreamscape. He was a generally pleasant guy who occasionally spoke in a Shatner-esque staccato.

  2. really am going to miss him

  3. saw Josh's post about this. Shit.