Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Historicon 2014 with the GwtG Intrepid Reporter

The minor fact that I was absent from Historicon this year, doesn't mean I won't be posting pics and commenting on it.  For we here at Gaming with the Gnomies, had award-winning Gnomie Mike Lung at the con, and he brought back pictures to shove in our faces and go "Ha-ha!  I was there and your weren't!  Nya!"

Mike had a long weekend and is very tired.   I'll give him a break on the teasing.  

Disclaimer #1: I only asked him for pics of certain games and his discretion for anything else.
Disclaimer #2: All pics are distance pics done with a iPhone and I did not add the ones that proved he had a bit too much caffeine at the con.

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz:  Dorothy Surrounded by British Winkies
The Wizard of Oz game was the one of the games that really stood out in the PEL, and Mike told me it was a big disappointing, with Napoleonic figures and a definite lack of flying monkeys.  Guess I'll continue my quest for movie and book appropriate figures (Army of Revolt I'm looking at you!)

US in the Philippines
More US in the Philippines
The Philippino War looks much simpler than I had imagined it, but it's inspired me to add to my existing Spanish-American/Samoan Civil War collections.  Woo!
Looks like the same Trench Wars game I played at Cold Wars

Great War - Assaulting the Trenches
What everyone (including my guy) was talking about was the All Quiet on the Martian Front Battle of Memphis.  Twenty feet of tripods and frantic humans trying to hold the half-built wall. 

The Memphis Wall and the unfinished section/trench to the left

Originally posted on the Alien Dungeon Facebook page.  Share!
Token Gnome Wars Picture
I posted the last two pictures together for a reason.  According to the folks at Alien Dungeon, the little boy and the father in the Battle of Memphis game not only held the center of the table, but when the wall was breached, the young man destroyed the science tripod, thus preventing a Martian victory and saving the day for mankind!

According to my sources:
"I forgot to mention that little boy in the final pic and his Dad are now big time Gnome lovers.  They played in both of Jim’s regular games and had a great time.  Both were super nice, and the young man was really excited by the whole thing…but in a good way." 

You couple these two cases with the HAWKS Armies for Kids Project and I think, if we continue down this path, the future of the hobby will be in good hands.  Kids playing social activities?  Parents and children playing together?  I think these kids will do alright...

There's also a nice YouTube Video of the con from the guys at Warlord.  Gnome Wars gets some respect around 17:00 or so.

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  1. The Gnome game that I ran for Erin Crouch is at 10:50 or so.