Saturday, February 13, 2016

Millie's Chupacabra and Schutztruppe Askaris

Since it is finally my daughter Millie's "friend" 5th birthday party, after delays and cancellations, let us celebrate with her first completed miniature, yet another Chupacabra mini from Brigade Games.  
As is right and proper with the second child, I rushed her through drybrushing technique, but I was eternally grateful for her choice of flocking as there's a clump of sand on the back leg of the figure that I applied.   With the bushes, no one will know Daddy screwed up.
The whole Chupacabra Family:  (L to R) Maja, Daddy, and Millie
With those dastardly palm trees gone, there's a number of small projects to do, and I've gotten some German Schutztruppe Askari Skirmishing from Brigade Games finished:

Between the late hour, the flourescent lights, and the touch screen of my smart phone going wonky, I still don't know why the pictures all of drained of color.

Halfway through February and I've exceeded my new painting for all of last year!    Now I did refurbish over 200 minis last year and rebased a bunch more, but the fact that my work bench has a dent in the lead pile warms my cold, cold heart.

NEXT:  The next kid's painting session is next Sunday, and their queues are getting to look like mine.  I've looking at Bugbears, wild animals, and a boatload of GNOMES!!!

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