Tuesday, May 3, 2016

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Rule! #36: Cecelia Darkspruce, Free-Woman

20 Tridec 1134 - Slaver City of Roark
For Cecelia, working a double shift at the inn had come naturally to her.  Most of the regulars had learned not to mess with her... too much, but most of them knew little of the workings of Roark, preferring to live the ignorant lives and sailing and drinking.  The Temple of Ikka-Patang, dominating the eastern side of the city, was still a mystery to the Trogs.

After her shift, Brother Thomas, Marek the Learned, Gwen Lorax, and her walked over to the temple.  The men tried to convince the girls to accessing the Temple via the sewers, but that idea was quickly nixed.

Upon returning to the inn, all four went back to their rooms to discuss their intel and plot their next move, only to discover a dead stable boy in the room, and the town guards already arriving at the inn.
Brother Thomas punches one out and Cecelia jumped out the window, expecting the others to follow suit. 

When Cecelia woke up, she was covered with broken glass and pottery shards, a large shelf knocked over against another less than a foot from her.   From what she could gather, the momentum from her running leap propelled her through an open door across the alley, and she smashed into someone's near-empty pantry.  If the owner had not left the door unlocked, she would have easily crashed through it, but would have alerted the town guard. 

The other Trogs were nowhere to be seen, but the guard was on high alert looking for something. 

21 Tridec 1134 - Slaver City of Roark
Before the sun rose, Cecelia a cloak off a makeshift clothesline in the alley, and ventured over to the ruins of the abandoned building they initially tried to set up healing business.  Four people attracted the guard, but if she laid low, she would be able to recover and find a way to escape this forsaken town, and hopefully join up with the other Trogs. 

22 Tridec 1134 - Slaver City of Roark
Two days and one night of rest was all Cecelia could afford, as two guardsmen were seen poking around the outside of the building.    She waylayed the first guard that ventured inside with the element of surprise and a large rock.  The second was drawn in and his comrades shortsword was quickly in his ribs.  This guard wielded a longsword that was obviously the spoils of another slaver's expedition.   It was not.  It wasn't her dear "Sonya" a magical blade that her parents had gifted her upon embarking on her life of adventure, but lost to the slavers, but it would do well...

The guards bodies were dumped into the basement via a hole in a section of floor, but not without yielding an acceptable suite of blackened ring mail, a thick black cloak, and enough gold and silver to find a better spot to hide out.  Hopefully, to the casual glance, a few days of rot would lead most of the ignoramuses to believe they fell through the floor investigating something. 

34 TriDec 1134 - Slaver City of Roark
The guardsmen's coin garnered a week's stay at the Cheap Sword Inn, one of the few establishments not along the waterfront, rather back by the northern gate to the town.  During the day she rested, crafted a proper holy symbol of Sif, and watched the guards along the gate.  During the night she was a plague on the lone drunkard or pair of intoxicants.  Many were flat broke, but she gathered a collection of knives, rings, and trinkets that might prove useful

The buzz about the Trogs, or "Those wicked people who killed the poor stable boy" had subsided mid-week.

A few days more and Cecelia's plan jumped into action.  Milling about a pen of sheep from a local herder, she managed to untether the gate and a few minutes later, spooked the sheep into come pouring out their only escape.  This caught the shepherd and guard completely unawares, and in the ensuing chaos, she managed to sneak off into the surrounding hills.

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