Saturday, December 31, 2016

(Hackmaster) Burning Trogs Redux #0.1 - Prelude - Zorin Redrock - The Last Twelve Years

After the hectic cross-continental adventures as acting Plenitatory Ambassador for Barthey, Zorin Redrock decided to retire.  After a few quick journeys to receive some worthless accolades from neighboring countries, he ventured to his holding that the Emperor of Barthey had awarded him in Treibezond and stuck his toes in the sand.  Unfortunately, the coastal territory had a great beach but the interior landscape was much akin to Minnesota iron ore fields.

Two years after the war ended,  he left his estate for the final time and travelled to the Gnomish City States.  He convinced the City-States military to sponsor a pirate and slaver-hunting expedition throughout the Mer Kasp.    Unfortunately, Zorin wasn't much of a sailor, as are most other types of gnomes, and the slavers secret bases remained hidden.   

Six years on the sea taught Zorin a lot about sailing, and an utter disgust for human and gnome sailors.  Despite the finest armament on the Mer Kasp, his lack of naval tactics results in more than a few crews nearly getting wiped out from pirates.    The City-States decided to recall the ship and its crew from the mission. 

Zorin sank his small fortune into three new ships and tried to outfit them with proper crews, but his reputation preceded him. After a few disasters, a few sunken ships, and a couple of replacements along the way, his two remaining ships are crewed by a swarthy, gung-ho band of halflings. 

This year,  twelve since he "retired," his haphazard networks of contacts, spies, and informants have uncovered a tiny cove that's almost impossible to navigate.    Only the skilled, or the well-organized could get through, so that meant only a treacherous overland march is required to reach it, and possibly even rappel down some cliff faces.  Even worse, this information may be time-sensitive, and Zorin's flagship, The Fiery Blaze, far, far away.  His second ship, The Broken Chain, is nearby, and it's up to the scrappy halfling crew to do the recon, and possibly assault the pirates there.  

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