Sunday, December 18, 2016

(Kickstarter) War in Christmas Village Miniatures

One of the things on Kickstarter that give me the biggest laughs are the time-sensitive ideas.  Political games that launch in 2016 and promise delivery post-November look to take your money and don't anticipate any future play... at least until 2020.  (I will say that the Trump products may be scrutinized far longer than some of us expected). 

Launching a Christmas themed Kickstarter two weeks before Christmas seems poorly timed, but War in Christmas Village has piqued my interest. 

A $25 pledge (+10 S&H) nets you four figures, a snowman, a "dark" Santa, a Krampus (complete with child in the backpack), and a Saint Nicholas, all done in a PVC plastic.   

Price wise, the pledge level is fair, although S&H is a bit high for only four figures.  IF there was more than a one-time passing mention of stretch goals, I might be interested.  A set like this would benefit from a nice variety of homicidal snowmen. 

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