Monday, December 19, 2016

Alternative Armies Gnomish Notary and Pudigroans

One of the troop alternatives for an expanded Gnome Wars universe comes from the appropriately named Alternative Armies.  Their Slaughterloo and Flintloque lines are a bit earlier than the Great War gnomes, but in a world where I've placed Teddy Bears in tricorner hats, many of the smaller figures are perfect for other races and nationalities. 

Gaming with the Gnomies' dogged agent, Mike Lung has been infatuated with these lines for awhile, and he reminded me of two things this past week. 

First off is a special Gnomish Notary being offered for only 250 sets:
The AA gnomes are much smaller than their Gnome Wars counterparts, but they could easily be used for other purposes.   We'll see if Mike's ideas come to fruition in a future Gallery post.  

Mike's also pondering using the dogmen (Pudigroan) as French for his Mohaircan War game vs the British/Hanobearians.  They're just slightly bigger than the Teddy Bears.

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