Tuesday, December 13, 2016

(Painting) Terrain, Accessories, and... Napoleonics?

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, and Dad had a case of Troegs Mad Elf under his painting bench.   I'm more likely to break out in dance with Mad Elf than successfully do detail work, so it was a good night to work on simpler projects and clear off the queue.

I need a sleigh for this weekend's game, and Things From the Basement was nice enough to have a laser cut model.  My Hulk-like hands did snap off the tongue, but based on the scenario it's needed for, I don't need if for the horses...  and eight tiny reindeer are missing.
When I picked up the sleigh at Fall-In!, the folks at Things From the Basement were giving away free pumpkin tables, the first free swag my daughter Maja accumulated that weekend. 
Last year, both pumps for my blowers on my furnace died, so when I replaced them, most of the old parts went into a box under the bench.   Don't remember what this exactly did, but it will make a nice terrain piece for the finale of our sci-fi game, hopefully slated for this weekend as well.   The makeshift landing pad that's the centerpiece of that game is hiding in the back
I'm not a big supporter of anything Games Workshop, but I picked up a bottle of Typhus Corrosion from the FLGS when I just needed to by something, and it does the grimy look well.  I might need to grab some Nihilakh Oxide to treat the copper prongs up top.

30mm figure for size comparison

Another item Maja got as a freebie was this lone plastic Napoleonic soldier, already painted up.  I decided to base him as an individual figure and we'll use him as an NPC in our next pulp campaign.  Why are our 1920s heroes going to meet a Napoleonic-era soldier in the jungles of Africa?

Because he's guarding the hidden Egyptian treasure located there, per Napoleon's personal orders, duh!  Pay no attention that he would be over 130 years old, a minor side effect of the mission...

Next Up:  With the queue cleaned off post-convention season, I only have a unit of Blue Martians, "The Jungle Warlock", and a few female pulp figures lined up. 

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