Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ballad of the Pigeon God #52: A Dear Norm Letter....

To: Sir Norm Dingleberry, Red Knight of Crosedes and Commander of Military Forces in Lansluck


I feel obligated to tell you about the recent atrocities that have befallen our group.  While attempting to assist a royal family in Emeryon (sic) to bring their rightful ruler back to life, we fell on some extremely bad luck.  Echelon, as well as a Halfling priest that I don't think you know were killed in a brave attempt to keep a villainous general from killing the rightful ruler.  While bravely attempting to stop the general, a bizarre creature used tentacles to suck out their brains and kill them.

Myself, Velandro, and Mellandria (who had been turned into ogres in a similar encounter) returned to the throne room only to be beset upon and attacked by the very people we were trying to help.  We were vastly outnumbered, so I began clearing our way for the door, while Velandro and Mellandria used their now-superior strength to keep the other people away from us.  Once to the door, I ran and assumed that they were with me.  By the time I realized that they had remained behind, I saw an explosion billow out from the room.

Given the amount of people still around and trying to kill me, and the fact that nothing could have survived that explosion, I escaped on my horse as quickly as I could.  I have decided to move on, and ply my trade elsewhere.  I certainly hope that you are doing well, and I hope further that our paths cross again one day.

Until next we meet my friend,

Sir Talis Makolin, Knight of the Pigeon

DM Notes: This was an actual letter, written by Talis' player Hoyce, to be delivered by gnomish courier to Norm.  It was an arduous journey to deliver the message in the old campaign world, Now using the the Epic of Aerth map,  I was going to assume that the courier took an overland route through Ras-Prythax, however, the War in Ruuna would have turned it into a suicide mission.

While in port in the Gnomish Kingdoms of Masgoth, Talis hired the gnome, who took the circuitous route up to Omsjik and back out to Lansluck.   Military couriers took over from there.  

Of course, if the military courier was an associate of the Spider-People/Dread Lord, they knew that some of their hated enemies were alive... or at least had been alive previously when everyone thought them dead.  

And yes, he does mention bring the rightful ruler back to life THEN mentions keeping the same rightful ruler alive.  Confused?  I'm sure the group was too over the last two episodes  (#50) &  (#51)

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