Monday, April 9, 2018

Got the Gold and Silver Yesterday, Today I Level Up

Each day, each week, each month, each year seems to exponentially dump more and more "real life" on me with every moment.  

At the top of the list is my mother-in-law, already with a plethora of health issues, falling and breaking her hip, and the health dilemmas that follow that.  Then there's my own mother, who called me all confused this past Cold Wars.  Thankfully, she's home and prepping for a relatively minor cardio-pulmonary procedure.  

I did ask if the surgery could be scheduled around Mepacon.  Thus far, it's looks like my selfish little request might be accepted.  

So this week, my wife was planning on attending a professional conference for work.  After her mom's condition dipped a bit, and a rescheduled hockey meet and greet the night she was supposed to, she finally departed.  That meant two days with the girls, maybe a little painting, perhaps a game or three, so long as homework is done. 

And then all three nor'easters missed us, but one sent high winds that knocked over a tree leading into the neighborhood.  Long detour and no power for 24 hours...   

I can't get a break for trying.  

But tonight... tonight we reap the rewards of our multiple session investigative encounter for our D&D 5e online game.  Tonight there shall be xp.  
For nearly 30 years, I've tried to maintain a professional distance from brothels and prostitution in the games I play and run.  Sex, and the world's oldest profession in particular, were always assumed activities off on the sidelines of the campaign.  Save the fact the the Ballad of the Pigeon God crew got magically teleported to Talislanta while in brothel, and a player who tried an overzealous (failed) seduction roll during a fire rescue.  Oh yeah, if two players makes separate back stories about their moms being prostitutes in the same town, I will make a storyline where they are half-brothers.  Don't make it that easy for me as a DM...

But while we investigated a local crime lady and a missing cleric, we were directed to frequent a certain inn/brothel.    With no organization and everyone going over the building haphazardly (and not relaying information), I do my best Leroy Jenkins impersonation by paying for "entertainment" and trying to get into the locked upper story of the building.

With numerous pawns moving all over the place, I may have made some moves to distract the staff from the already sneaking party members.  Only problem was, despite my idea of a Hangover/Judd Apatow movie inspired scene with clumsy hi-jinx, and inferred shenanigans off-camera, the other party members wandered about aimlessly, making things slightly uncomfortable.

In the end, we rescued the priestess and all managed to escape, with only the brutal death of a waiter by Falgor the Mighty of the Northlands.

Under oath, Falgor will testify, that any crimeboss who sends a waiter to investigate a break-in at her headquarters doesn't deserve to stay in business.  Falgor swears the guy looked 6'5" and was threatening the thief, before he cleaved him in the chest.  

We're hoping to gather up some xp tonight, level up (to 3!) and actually go on the adventure we should have started weeks ago (according to Falgor).  Or we'll venture into Gulluvia, or maybe IOU.  So long as I pencil in an opening for gaming Monday night, my wife will let me keep it.

So, you might be asking, "ViscountEric, what of the mention of Gold and Silver Yesterday that's in the title."

To add to the chaos of a weekend that featured my wife's return from the conference, the kids staying over a relative's, and the final "Fan Appreciation Night" game of the season for our beloved Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins, I had to wake up at 4am for a three hour drive so the kids could participate in the USAGymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling Pennsylvania State Championships.    I dislike these competitions, but my rules for the girls are simple:  a) Know your passes and routines and b) don't get a zero.

The kids brought back some hardware.
Three gold for Millie.  Two Silver and a 6th for Maja
Now, the god's honest truth, Millie is a level of skill above every other kid in her age category, so she cleans up, but every kid in her age category that's a level below failed to score high enough to move up, whether for Regionals or next year.

Maja's in a much more competitive level and age category, and her one silver matches up with the silver she got in a regional invitational earlier this year... a silver to the same girl who beat her at States.

But, although they are hoity-toity medal winning gymnasts, they still want to go with me on the Saturday for Mepacon... and let Dad sleep in a bit.

Edit: Monday 11:30pm - Game was cancelled due to illness.  Grrrrrr.  But we did get an all role-playing session of Adventures in Gulluvia done. 

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