Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gaming Day: minor attendance, great in results.

So Saturday was our monthly game day. Due to the scheduled appearance of my buddy Georgie and his son Georgie (G-3) I moved game day from Easton to Wapwallopen.

I knew we had craziness, work, and school for some of our regulars, so I anticipated a sparse gathering. I never got the info from George that Georgie was the Rico Suave of his Jr High class and that couldn't make it, so it was me primarily as games umpire and Nichols and Michelle's cousin Michael (a wargaming virgin), trading blows determining the fate of the Swiss and German Gnomish territories.

As one of my last acts as a Dad on parental leave this week will be to post after action reports (AAR) for scenarios #1 and #2 before I talk about #3 and #4 in detail, I will just comment that the Swiss are bad-ass defenders and Michael had some horrible misfortune. The German Blitzkrieg is over, the conventional was has begun.

Just a tease:

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