Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mini Painting, how I miss thee...

 I thought my first post would be of some substance, about how, with this here blog, I can organize my thoughts (and more importantly my lead addiction).

I shall provide far better advice: Painting minis with a four-month old in the house is not impossible. Impractical? At times, yes! Therapeutic? Definitely!

I've comandeered our large dining room table, desperately trying to finish base coats on my Swiss 3rd Engineers. Little progress today (The fact that my "safety orange" paint seems to be missing... Time to pack up the little one and run to Michaels tomorrow.) Our game Saturday has no hard fast rules to painted minis, but it would be nice for 5 out of the 6 units to have some color to it.

While little Maja was preoccupied by Mom and Grandma, I turned my focus to finally assembling my WWI Schneider Tank I had picked up from Brigade Games at Historicon 2007.

Yes, it most certainly is not a cardinal sin to leave gaming purchases unopened and unassembled (if fact two years for some people is a rush job), but the $46.00 I spent on this kit was only useful if I started playing Post-Apoc naval warfare (the resin body could be used in a Mad Max-esque game). A few hours of holding pieces together with Crazy and Gorilla Glue I've learned a few thing, (a) even early Schneiders tended to get battelfield "improvements", and that's on top of modifications as the war went on and (b) no one photographs the back end of these or a model of one. The kit comes with a number of pieces that are assembled on the back end and no web site had any pieces resembling anything I had.

Stupidity soon left my brain, as I jumped on the now-retired Brigade Games Yahoo! group and lo and behold, a rear picture of said Schneider model.

One day I'll find that leak in my head, and stop my brain from oozing. For now, I need to figure out how exactly I'm going to use this in our game Saturday, if at all!

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