Wednesday, October 14, 2009

(RPG) Halloween Gaming and Rednecks

This past weekend, I drove down with the Missus and little Maja to (1) visit my mother and (2) run our monthly game at Brian's place. Brian got some Neighborhood Redevelopment money and his bachelor oasis looks pretty good now. He definitely gets his spot in the gaming site rotation.

Our main game was a Call of Cthulhu one -shot, "Attack of the Atomic Reptile Bikini Women... in 3-D!" from Worlds of Cthulhu magazine. Basic premise: North Texas band on its way to a make-or-break battle of the bands pick up a leggy hitchhiker, weird chaos ensues. Perfect light-hearted game, particulary since one of the rolled-up on the spot PCs' name was "Light Beer."

We had a great time, and I made one philosophical realization thanks to CoC mechanics: Aliens love rednecks for a reason, they NEVER fail their Sanity rolls.

Redneck #1: "Hey, what's that gray feller with the big fore'ed doing to that cow."
Redneck #2: "that ain't nuttin', my half-cousin Jerome keeps gittin' der done caught doing to that every time he sips a little shine."

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