Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Michael Lung Gallery #15

It has been awhile since I showcased any of Mike's work. Since Cold Wars last year, he has had a tremendous number of projects this year without a proper venue to display them.

He's been a busy busy beaver since the fantastic introduction of his Gnome Headhunters to complement his Znombies.

Mike's latest project involve Reaper's Mousling line, more specifically the space mouslings I mentioned here.

What happens when you can get the space troopers individually, make a few changes, and put the Lara Croft mousling into more space-appropriate clothing?  


Freakin' awesome as always.  The custom board undernearth?  You may have some ideas of what he's trying to do, but he just starting playtesting and I'll give him more time before unveiling the rest of the project.

More importantly, Mike, I want a game at Cold Wars.

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