Friday, January 11, 2013

500th Post!

Who knew that after over four and a half years that I could compile 500 posts?  Well, I did.  After all, I have a tendency to ramble about numerous interests and I survived the first 34 years on this planet without a blog to document my sheer awesomeness.  It was going to take awhile to start catching up.

And yes, on some odd data screen it says I have 512 posts as of this date, that's including all the posts I'm working on that will see the light of day... someday.
I'll also be nearing my 50,000 page view in the next month or too, so I'll reminesce again at 100,000 (or 1,000 posts) so as to not act like some aged ball player hitting above average milestones during his retirement tour. 

For those of you regulars, thanks!  I know how many of you are out there due to the pageviews of some of the unloved posts I write.  While some posts are absolute crap, it is a surprise that certain posts don't become a hit in the blogosphere... or even the latter Google-search-o-sphere, but it is nice that some people do read.

And while I'm at it, the biggest posts I wrote in 2012.

#1. (Historicon) Thursday Night Gnome Action. My report on H-con from Fredericksburg from my on-location reporter, Mike Lung.  Now #4 all-time.

#2. Hunting for Wizard of Oz Minis. This has gotten a few search results every day since I posted (and updated) it. #8 all- time.

#3. Feathers Fly at Rorke's Drift. A great game with my girls and I've used the chick rules a couple of times since. #9 all time.

#4 (Gnome Wars) Runaway Princess? No! Princess! Runaway! The latest scenario with the girls. A big hit on TMP. #10 all time.

#5 (Cold Wars) The Spoils of Cold Wars

#6. Contemptible Little Armies Review. I only wish we've gotten a few games under our belts to give more credence to the review.

#7 RIP: Nick Yutko. It is nice to see so many people cared about Nick.

#8 Rescuing the Ruby Princess... from a three year old. Maja's first role playing game, and first attempt at the Toddler Interactive Adventure Resolution Activity (TIARA)

#9 (TIARA) Belle's Birthday Brawl.  Another surprise favorite on TMP

#10 Cold Wars: The Battle of Apaula Heights.  I love that my Gnome/Samoa game hit the top 10.  It gives me more motivation to try it sans Gnomes

The number one post of all time is still the Settlers of Catan 15th Anniversary Edition I mentioned very early on.  Go ahead, pop those words into Google, and WHAM, I'm right there.  I don't think anything will ever supplant that.   The only things that barely scrape the popularity of the Settler post are all the Mouse Guard/Redfern/Mousling fans out there.  There are either a huge fanbase, or a few obsessive fanatics and I'm going to need restraining orders.

I already plotted out my plan for 2013 long ago, but in a nutshell, start expecting Samoan Civil War pics this summer, more Gnomes, more games with the kids, and I may catch up with my Cthulhu Actual Play sessions.  I may need to stay late at work for an hour or two and just finish typing the Cthulhu ones up.    They are certainly not condusive to a crazed home life with two kids, a dog, a cat, a bunch of strays hanging around outisde, and my lovely wife.                         

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