Monday, January 21, 2013

(Gnome Wars) New Russian Gnomes

First off, I rarely check my Twitter account, but was pleasantly surprised to find Lon from Brigade Games had tweeted about new releases.

There were rumors of new Russians at Fall-In!, but but until now, no one could confirm or deny their existence.

Russian Gnome w/ Hammer and Sickle  $4.00

Russian Gnome, Firing  

Russian Gnome Officer   $4.00

Russian Gnome NCO  $4.00
Russian Gnome Fabrege Egg Grenadier

Also listed without picture is a Russian Priest (medic), a Russian Grenadier with Molotov Cocktail, Russian Rifles in Advancing pose, and separate listings for an officer and nco with different stock numbers.

These new Russians are hitting new price territory, some hitting $5 apiece. Not surprising, as metal costs keep rising. The good news is Lon still set up the army deal for $47.00,  The original Russian Sentry fig is still  available of only $3.50.

The one thing that should scare any player is this pic, taken off the promotional tweet:

Cossack cavalry should rival the Japanese Samurai cav in effectiveness. Put them on FREAKING BEARS and they become absolutely terrifying. While they weren't appearing on the mobile version of the web site, they are listed on the full sight so individual and army sale ($8 apiece/$65 for a unit with a bugler and regular cav armed with blunderbusses?)

Check out Brigade Games here for more info.

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  1. Hi Eric,

    If you had Brigade Games on Facebook you could see all the new Gnome additions including the Milady - Nice piece by the way.