Sunday, January 20, 2013

1st Painting Day with Daddy 2013

This was the first weekend of the year that my wife had to work at her second job, so I get full Mr Mom duties starting at about 10pm Friday and running through Sunday evening.  Knowing that the two of us together barely get half of our to-do list done on a regular weekend, I've given up on the Martha Stewart crap and just kept the toys manageable, the dishes clean, and some laundry put away.

And always find some time to paint...

The Ladies of Paint, Millie and Maja
At  2 and 4, neither of them are going to paint some Old Guard in 15mm in brilliant detail, so we keep it simple and fun.  I had swung by Michael's Friday after work and snagged up two dollar Valentine birdhouses   and a bunch of Craftsmart paint on clearance for 3/$1.

The good news is that Millie no longer wants to paint her hand versus the project. Even better, they each still have half of the their birdhouses to paint at a later day.  

And me?  I managed to get paint on a figure for the first time in months.  I had snagged up a bunch of plastic Empire troops on eBay (re: Mordheim plastics) and I can't remember when I last painted proportionate humans.  I spent more time rationing paint to the girls than working on my own, plus whoever assembled them failed to clean up the figs before priming them for me.  Complaints aside, for $0.99 and part of a multiple wins, they're great warm-up figures.

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