Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Viscount's Birthday Extravaganza and Game Day

One of the world's best kept secrets is that I'm turning 40 in April (most people think I'm MUCH older than that.)

Even though my wife has known me for 9  1/2 years, she admits defeat when it comes to my hobbies.  She did pick up the 20th Anniversary Edition of CoC one year, but that was an awesome fluke.  

This year she decided the easiest thing was renting a fire hall and inviting all of my "little gaming friends". 

Essentially, she just gave me a con for my birthday.  Isn't she the greatest?

So on April 19th there will be gaming at the Wright Twp Fire Hall in Mountain Top, PA, from 8am till 11pm.  I've invited a number of random friends I haven't seen in awhile, plus a the regular crews and I anticipate fun, fun, and a little more fun.  In actuality, everyone is welcome, so long as they contact me and get a confirmation before they just show up.  We may ask random dudes showing up for a couple bucks to offset the cost of the hall and increased cost of snacks.

It's not a true con, in the sense that there will be dealers, raffles, auctions, game company sponsors, a paint-n-take, etc...

Waitaminute, who am I kidding, outside of dealers and auctions (which involve the municipal authorities and definitely violate the terms of the rental agreement), we can probably do the rest.  If anyone has any game company contacts, we are pondering some charity stuff, some to the fire hall (so they want us back), and some to my wife's new life path, errr, I mean favorite charity, A Postive Promise Pit Bull Foundation.  The goal here is not to make a cent off of this.  It's a birthday party, not a professionally run con.  I also have to make sure stuff like that doesn't violate the terms of the rental. 

The only things I know we can't allow are things that may bring in the ATF
  • No alcohol - that was the only thing they were sticklers about.
  • No smoking
  • No firearms - I only mention that because it's a long standing con rule, and it fits the ATF comparison
I've added a page here for the events listing.  So far I've put in two games: my Samoan game, because if I'm painting all these damn guys, I'm going to play with them, as well as a Gnome Wars game involving princesses, mice,and  heavy artillery.  I'm accepting submissions for other games to be set up in a pool play.  D&D, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, 1st Edition Recon, or a Talisman mega-game, it doesn't matter.  If we have players wanting to play, the games will get run. 

One thing I may do is a late night RISUS IOU game for anybody interested.  One thing I won't do is run my Call of Cthulhu campaign.  That is for another weekend, unless I can get three players on Easter Sunday.

Oh course, if you're looking for a gift for the man who games everything... time to put gold-plated dice on my wishlist. (Just kidding, no gift is required for admittance)

Edit: Updated the link for the events page and some contact info. 

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