Sunday, April 17, 2016

(HX) Avengers of Justice #1 The Big Kahuna Heist

Following my kids' request for a superhero game and a successful test run of Heroclix, it was time for an adventure "Ripped from the headlines..."

Location:  The Big Kahuna Burger in Londontown (the fictional setting for our adventures).

The Big Kahuna Burger truck driver arrived early Saturday morning with another delivery of tasty burgers.  Too early for the manager to be there to unload the truck, so the driver unhitched the trailer and found a place to sleep.

With no one else around, some nefarious folks descended upon the trailer, looking to score some Hawaiian goodness.
This ain't no Royale with Cheese
Once the person calling described the would be burglars, 911 forwarded the call to the League of Girls Who Kick Butt (true name TBD).  At such a late hour, only two heroes were still up: Mockingbird and Wasp.

None of the theives noticed them get into location atop the trailer, where Wasp's ranged attack took out the supposed leader.   They caused a commotion in a building across the parking lot, and the others sent the Troll Bodyguard to check it out.  

Mockingbird jumped down to fight the bad guys 3-on-1, while Wasp checked some actual commotion coming from the building the Troll was investigating.  Soon, the unconscious body of the Troll came flying through a wall, and a strange green man emerged.
"Do they have Hawaiian Pizza?"
Wasp flew over to introduce herself to Donatello the turtle, all the while, Mockingbird was slowly getting overwhelmed by the bad guys.  

The pair dashed back over to the truck, and in a manner of a few seconds, justice was served, and new friends were made. 

As our heroes recovered from the fight, a strange figure in purple could be seen spying from atop the trailer.  When they realized they had been spotted, they dashed off into the night.  
Something was a "Foot"!
For our first storytelling superhero game, everything went off with only one hitch:  Millie didn't want to play.  So while Millie did some arts and crafts, Maja and I ran through foiling the burger heist.  

With the arrival of TMNT Heroclix, and my pre-ordered Fast Forces set not arriving at the FLGS, I snagged up four of the singles.  Once the fight started, Wasp, Mockingbird, and the first bad guy each rolled a d6 before they did anything.  On a six, I grabbed a pack out of my work bag and let Maja open it.  Donatello and the Foot Soldier got opened before the fight was over.


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