Monday, May 8, 2017

(Kickstarter) Rifts: The Board Game *CANCELLED*

I've got a backlog of cool Kickstarters to cover from last week, but let's start with the coolest one, which just launched minutes ago...

Rogue Heroes publishing has launched a campaign for the Rifts Board Game.
A $100 pledge ($90 for the early bird pledges) nets you the board game with 20 figures, a double sided combat map with two overlaying tiles, a 64 page black and white rulebook, 300+ combat and character cards, tokens, etc, and the much needed two 20-sided dice.

Figures look cool.  Stretch goals are initially set to only one (upgrading rules to color) with a reasonable bump.  And they've diversified they're add-ons to Rifts RPG and Savage World/Rifts products already in print to boost the pledges.

The cons?

  • It's Palladium, even if it's licensed through a third party.  After nearly thirty years of playing RPGs, Those who keep their expectations low are rarely disappointed.  
  • Shipping and handling will be done post-campaign through the pledge manager and is borderline ridiculous.  Knowing the costs, both foreign and domestic for other projects with much bigger boxes and much heavier contents, this looks like they're setting up some back-up funding.  
  • Estimated delivery is JUNE 2019!!!!  I'm picturing my eldest daughter finishing elementary school before this finally deliver.  She's finishing up 2nd grade next month.  If you completely doubt me, see my first bullet point above.  
It will be big, it will be fun, it will be awesome, but I'll certainly watch this one as a spectator.   If I'm still on a Rifts kick in 2020, perhaps I will snag up some of the components of eBay.

Edit:  And somehow I missed the part where they cancelled this thing on May 12th.

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