Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Millions: Dragons are for White Kids

As geek/nerd hobbies go further mainstream and token representations expand into influential blocks, things will not improve as fast as many want or expect.


I found myself nodding my head along with the article.  Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised by the backlash the author faced.  The thing that stuck in my craw was the idiot who didn't want to/couldn't help with skin tones.  Seriously?  Any self-respecting painter, even a novice, would find it to be a challenge.

Maybe it's because I have more Polynesian figures painted than Caucasian, and that skin tone took a serious ammount of research until I decided on the correct path for that palette.

Maybe it's because if GW's Catachan Jungle Fighters have always been portrayed with varying skin tones, why wouldn't you expect it for other armies?   Hell, the idea of an all or dominant-Hispanic, Arab, or Indian (Hindi) non-stereotype sci-fi army sounds freaking awesome.  

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