Monday, May 22, 2017

I Stared Into the Abyss, and the Pikachu Stared Back

Not a terribly productive weekend.  I got my car back two days early, which allowed me to transport the kids (and friend) from birthday party to birthday party, only to have allergies knock everyone out early each night.

I emerged from cleaning the litter box in the basement to my daughter setting up a giant mat and a pile of cards on the kitchen table.

"Daddy, can you teach me to play Pokemon?"

I completely forgot that my wife got her a 2-player starter set for her birthday.  I've spent nearly 20 years avoiding this game, and after a fairly productive game using the pre-sorted decks, I stand by my aversion to it.  It's watered down Magic where they added a zero to hit points and damage.   Seriously, whoever beats up three Pokemon first wins?
It could be worse.  It could be Yu-Gi-Oh!

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