Monday, May 8, 2017

So I'm Back...

A week in the Eastern Caribbean and I'm back!  I still fit in my pants from all the fabulous food and outside some very red racing stripes of serious sunburn going across my shoulders and down my arms, we're all in one piece.

Did I truly get enough R&R to recharge the batteries?  Heck, no!  I've got  a wife and two kids who were constantly on the run.  So much so, that I mispacked most of my tertiary projects and forgot to grab the specially assembled Lost World themed box of Rory's Story Dice.

I did get my reviews of the Golden Goblin books complete, although it was creepy to read up on the Bahamas section of Tales of the Caribbean and then go into the straw market and see all the little wooden figurines for sale.

We got three whole games in over the week, two games of "normal" Rory's Story Cubes (one involved a duck in a Hawaiian shirt who directed movies, the other involved Garfield the cat and time travel) and we did get Episode 6 of the Lost World game into the books, upon arrival at the house.

What to expect for this week and beyond?  Obviously I've got two reviews and an AAR to type up. The Ballad of the Pigeon God hits tomorrow, plus there looks to be six interesting Kickstarters that launched during my vacation that deserve a closer look.

And let's not even start with the painting...  we'll get to that soon enough.  Hopefully before my Psi-Paladin and Techno Barbarian minis show up at my door... followed immediately by the Bones 3.  

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