Friday, April 14, 2017

(Painting) The Volcano Queen, Ape God Cultists, and a Full Polynesian Army

Put those air conditioners away and break out the plow this Easter weekend, cause it's gonna snow.  I actually completed an entire project! 

First off, the Volcano Queen  pack from Pulp Figures
Volcano Queen
Okay, the pack is missing the rather Caucasian damsel in distress, but for the current pulp game, only famed Swedish adventurer Nils Lingonberry is currently missing, and he's very male.

The Volcano Queen set are the leaders of the Cult of the Ape God, and they need some followers. Here are the Cultists of the Ape God, using two packs of Melanesian Island Warriors 3 from Pulp Figures.

Melanesian Island Warriors 3
The wood they use for their weapons is from a mystical origin.  Unless broken, the nearly whitewood never ages or discolors, even when soaked with the blood of their enemies.

I do have some touch-up to do and some of my earlier spearmen are sans spears for now, but now I have essentialy completed a Polynesian army for Colonial or maybe even Interwar/Pulp play!

All miniatuers are from Pulp Figures
Over 100 figures (over 110 if I include my Mata'alfa Elite Guard, which are really Brigade Games Nigerians)  one figure was left on my desk to the take the picture, and another is for still in the Pulp game box as a now-dead NPC guard.

Coming Soon:  After completing two different projects on the same night, I not promising a thing. In a perfect world I should be cleaning up the lingering projects before I get slammed with Reaper Bones 3 and Psi-Paladins and Techno Barbarians next.  That means finishing up the Das FleiderAffen German Gnomes for Gnome Wars, a few more Blue Martians/Goblins/Monkeymen. and some of the halfings from Ganesha's last Kickstarter.

Checking my Gnome Project Journal, I have the next big thing being some German Colonial Rifles (again, Pulp Figures).    My Polynesians do need an enemy (or in the case of Samoa, a hidden ally)....

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