Saturday, April 29, 2017

OGRE Plastic Minis All Painted Up, Plus Some General Blog Ranting

As I scurry about finishing things before I drive down to Baltimore to jump on a great big boat, a few things.  

From the latest update on the OGRE Plastic Minis Set 1 Kickstarter, yet another delay, this one pushing things back an extra six weeks.  We're into the Fall now, and six months to keep up the level of enthusiasm I have for 1/285th scale sci-fi combat is pretty hard.

Then they threw painted mock-ups at  (by Ben Williams), and I'm appeased again.  Perhaps this will be my con games for 2019?
So pretty...
While I still have some hope on Steve Jackson Games, in the waning hours of the Talislanta: The Savage Land.  I want to support Tal in anyway possible.  Since I go crazy on my monthly Apathy column when I see a company release a identical sourcebooks for two or more games, the concept of now printing TSL under FIVE systems (Original Tal, D&D 5th Edition, d6, and now Pathfinder and Savage Worlds) plus a blizzard of supplemental product that's more akin to a booth at a rock concert, I've inched my pledge down to just the pdf.

Rumors of a TORG Kickstarter continue to swirl.  Maybe it will happen by the time I return.

Episode #4 of the Pigeon God is all set to post next Tuesday.   My annoying social media blitz will commence the following Monday, immediately followed by the Episode #5 the next day.

Speaking of the Journal, I finished transcribing the entire thing into episodic blog posts.   The first ten episodes (currently of 48) are either posted or finished and waiting to be posted each Tuesday.  There are four more finished between #11-48, and ten that need significant writing  The rest simply need to be converted into a semi-readable prose style, with consistant formatting.

Projects for May (Or, How am I going to catch up on all the stuff I'm behind on...)

The Cruise:  Last time we were on a cruise, I got about 3/4 of my reading done, and none of my little projects.  Two Golden Goblin books are on the slate to be read and reviewed, some Savage Rifts conversion material, We have extra time at sea, a simply gigantic balcony, and two kids that can now kept themselves entertained.  I feel confident that something can be accomplished.    I should also have a healthy collection of podcasts to plug in and zone out.  I've got enough of the Campaign Podcast and some Arthur Conan Doyle to listen to all week.  In a perfect world, I anticipate some Rory's Story Cubes, Zombie Dice, and some Rory-influenced Savage Worlds as we chill out in the rooms.  Probably not going to happen.

Cons:  It looks like I'm available for both Fall In! and Mepacon (and don't forget the Weekend).  I'll have some discussions with the team what I'll be running at each.  As always, I forsee a poll on the blog...

Painting: Time to clean up the Spring queue.  Half-finished kid's projects (Millie is actually ahead on Maja this time!), German Gnomes, Blue Martians, and Gnomes of Unusual Size fill up my table. Once I figure a direction Con-wise, I can go further.

Fix the Car, Game Again:  One "final" repair and my commuting only car gets some range to travel finally.  I owe Steve a board game day just so he can play Scythe.  RPG status is still unknown.

Projects for June... and Beyond!
The Pulp Game:  With some role-playing sessions on the boat, I could wrap up the Lost World storyline just after Memorial Day.

Painting:  Outside of German Colonial Rifles, it's all dependant on the convention plans.  Did get a little inspiration for assembling my Kickstarter Jetbikes that to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog.

"Pigeon God":  My goal is to finish up five episodes every month.   That will get the episodes in the can up to Christmas before I start my busy season in October.

Other Games:  Looking at last years activity over the summer, outside of my games at The Weekend, I got two Burning Plastic games in, two Legions of Steel/Blue Martian games, a Gnome Wars game, and perhaps the last TIARA game we'll ever play.  Assuming a similar pattern (and getting the Lost Worlds game close to wrapped up in May) I propose the following:
2 gamed to wrap up said Lost World campaign.
3 Burning Plastic gamed (Father's Day?)
1 Gnome Wars game
1 Contemptible Little Armies game using the Samoans.

Maybe we'll get to the Mousling Fantasy campaign.  Balcony discussions with Maja and Millie will determine that next week.

Fear not, dear reader, the blog will not suffer, since I was quite prodigious and diverse in my painting and other articles for the blog.  Seventy-Four posts in June and July combined (and August was #RPGaDay, so that skews the data).

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