Wednesday, April 12, 2017

(Gnome Wars) Return to Kisi Rushwa

With my wife working the weekend, it was time to play in our annual Easter wargame with the kids... and a return to Gnome Wars.

This year's Easter game took place on Kisi Rushwa, an island in the middle of a large river. Previously, our pulp game visited it to rescue a friend, but now a number of years had passed.  The military garrison had been abandoned and this land all but forgotten, until a gnomish flyover spotted some peculiar objects below.  It was time to send in some troops to figure it out.

14th Swiss Army (played by Maja)
Objective:  Seize the mysterious objects, for future study.

3rd MILLIE [Military Intelligence Logistics Liaison Irregular Escadrille]   (played by Millie)
Objective:  The MILLIE knew that Gnomes of Nefarious Occupations Military/Education had used the island as a satellite base for a short time, but no evidence of their work had been found.  All evidence of their work needed to be destroyed!
"It's the perfect time of year for Jelly Bean pickin'!"
Both sides decided to avoid a direct amphibious assault, although recon detected no one at the old garrison.  

This MILLIE madea mad dash out of the jungle and towards the strange devices.  They immediately went to work, with the Pie Grenadiers chucking their baked concoctions at the giant...eggs?  (Swiss Grenadiers are typically Limburger Cheese, but who am I to stop Millie's ideas?)

The pies cracked the dome of the device came to life with whizzes and buzzers and lights.  Soon, the top opened and the true vision of horror was revealed:  a giant, gnome eating-Peep!

The Swiss Army surprised by the appearance of the MILLIE and the giant Peep, opened fire on the sugary confection.

...but were caught unawares that the beast had companions already roaming the island.

More Peeps were coming out of both generators now. They were very slow to act, but extremely tough to kill. Both gnome squads began taking casualities

Just as the gnomes had figured out how to handle the Peeps and start focusing on their objective, the savage blue bunny Peeps descended upon them.  The bunnies were easier to kill, but quite fast,  A few gnomes never even knew what was occuring before they were taken out by the monsters.

The bunnies were inflicting some serious casualties (both gnome and my daughters, who were eating their kills).  Fearing more sweet reinforcements, each team worked their objective on a single generator.  The Army squad quickly deactivated the orange generator, while the MILLIE had trouble landing that final hit to destroy the yellow one.  Finally, in a moment of imagination I love my children for, Millie goes, "Daddy, my puppy will find a bucket of water and douse the machine."  A few dice rolls and the yellow generator exploded, leaving few survivors.  

Solid game, the kids had fun, and we didn't even get to break out the tiny chocolate bunnies (maybe if I had let them field full companies).

Like the first visit to the island, the return was inspired by Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog , although the concepts certainly wander off in completely different directions.
Happy Easter!

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    That was fantastic!

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