Wednesday, April 26, 2017

(Kickstarter) TerrainCrate by Mantic

After much buzz on the Internet, Mantic has finally launched their confusingly titled Terrain Crate Kickstarter campaign.

When I think "crate" I immediately go to one of the services that deliver a box of appropriate stuff to you door each month for a subscription fee.  This is not that type of service.  Rather, it's a collections of hard-wearing, plastic terrain perfect for Fantasy gaming and many other types of games.

$75US gets you one of three possible sets: Dungeon, Battlefield, or Town.  $140 nets you two sets, and the first 2,000 pledging at the $180 level get three sets of their choice (2,001+ can get the same reward for $195.)

Couple issues for me, personally.  For starters, the $75 dollar pledge level is a bargain, but it concludes right after my vacation.   Second, shipping is affordable, but not added on until after the campaign concludes.  Third, I don't want half of the stuff the each set offers. I may be interested in the higher priced individual packages of terrain being offered at my FLGS once it hits distribution channels, but that bring my final concern.

Fulfillment Date: May 2018.

Perhaps I'm a little gun-shy with some of my already overdue Kickstarters crawling to completion. Perhaps a box of Reaper Bones on my doorstep when I get home.   Perhaps my gaming needs will wildly change for the better, but waiting a year (let's be honest, a year-plus) for these crates, when I could cherry-pick the items I'm interested in, get them in metal/plastic/resin, and still end up under the pledge amounts.

Don't get me wrong.  My friends can't stop raving about the larger terrain pieces Mantic has put out previously, both for their quality and their cost.  I have not a worry in the world about the quality of the product backers will receive.    I'll just be happy to see if it piques my interest in Summer of 2018.

Edit: Forty-Five minutes into the campaign, and there's mention in the comments that the themed sets that make up the Crate sets will eventually be made available as optional extras/add-ons, if you will.Very practical, as the mine set in the Dungeon crate could see some instant demand for expansion.  Same for the fences and walls under the Battlefield crate.

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