Monday, July 9, 2018

(Risus) The Internet: The Illuminati University Student Repository

After last Fall where I got a multi-session Mars colony game and and two episodes of Illuminati University (IOU) under my belt, I am Jonesing to play some more Risus.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) the cancellations on the 5e game I'm playing in have been slim, and we haven't been able to organize any weekends to play.

The worst part is I have three adventure outlines ready (First rule of IOU, never flesh out the entire plot, save that to flesh out the wild goose chases the players take you on.)

Thanks to the wonders of the intraweb's so-called "memes" I have a few new PC/NPCs to convert to the wonderful world of pan-dimensional college, or at least some for the first hour of the next game.

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