Saturday, July 7, 2018

RPGaDay is Coming Back for 2018

After a short amount of consternation, it appears #RPGaDay will return for 2018 for a fifth straight year. 

It appears that this year, the hosts are looking for hobby professionals to take one of the questions from the previous four years and make it their own for the "official" RPGaDay video post.  I would have much preferred a more organized return to year one questions (favorite horror rpg, favorite game to GM, etc)  with perhaps allowing how things have changed over the last couple of years.  This allows for (1) longer blogs (2) a more insightful look at other characters that expands beyond the limits of twitter and (3) perhaps more time to think of pertinent questions for year 6 and beyond.  No matter what, I can't wait for the new list to be posted. 

And just for the record, and to combat my manic-ness, I didn't post last year's list until July 22nd.  We've got awhile...

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